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Hot Cheerleader Girls

Hot Cheerleader Girls

Description: Lovely twin sisters are very lucky to be cheerleaders. They are busy with the performance and want to give athletes and audience a wonderful show. Look, they are trying on beautiful dress. Dress this cute twins, they must be hot cheerleader girls.

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Fisherwerewolf Game from Stardoll

Play The Best Stardollgamer Fisherwerewolf

  • Description: The Monkey Beanz guide trainned you to fight werewolves, find and cook foods. Help the Monkey Beanz people by feeding them and slay the werewolves.
  • Instructions: Feed to heal yourself. Fight in the mountains to beat game.
    W or Z = Punch
    S or X = Kick
    A or Left Key = Left
    D or Right Key = Right
    Space or Up key = Jump
    E = Use

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Jumping Madness Game from Stardoll

The Best Stardollgamer Jumping Madness

  • Description: Jumping Madness is a game where the player tries to continually jump upwards on the platforms, without missing any. Points are accumulated for each successful jump, and jumping on the assorted pickups along the way.
  • Instructions: Click the start button. The left mouse button makes the player jump, and the mouse movement determines the left and right movement of the player in the air.

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(Don’t) Save the Princess Game from Stardoll

(Dont) Save the Princess

(Don’t) Save the Princess

The Best Stardollgamer (Don’t) Save the Princess

Description: A fun tile-based puzzle game spanning across 24 levels of humorous, non-Princess saving awesomeness! Level editor included!

The princess has been kidnapped and the knight of the kingdom has come out searching for her! It is your job to place magical launching platforms to thwart the knight’s efforts and send him to his doom (via the open mouth of your pet monster).

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